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Coco Victoria Lloyd is a British / Australian singer, writer, actress and producer.  Coco grew up in Hitchin, England. She attended Stagecoach Theatre School where she studied music, drama and dance. 

Coco began her professional career in London with acting roles in ‘Footballers Wives’ and ‘What would happen if?’ Her first big music break came when she was picked for a project at Sony London which would then lead her into a girl group for a popular UK talent show. The band reached the UK no1 top chart spot with their cover charity single ‘You Are Not Alone’.

After leaving the girlgroup, Coco came back to London and started working on her own band called ’Nevermind’.  Nevermind gained national recognition with their first single ‘2 Lines’ which appeared on several BBC stations before finally getting playlisted on the coveted BBC Radio 1. 

After the break up of Nevermind, Coco went back to study acting full time in London and NY.  Coco recently shot her first leading feature film role in 'The Hex' . Other recent credits include 'Euphoria', 'CSI Vegas', and 'Trypophobia'. Coco also founded her own film production company in 2018 with the second feature filming in late 2019. Coco currently resides in Los Angeles.

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